Saturday, October 15, 2011

Infant Loss Remembrance Day

In observation of Infant Loss Remembrance Day (I bet most of you never knew there was such a thing, neither did I until I became one who lost an infant) I post Aimee's story for you to read.  Over time I hope to add more (especially pictures) but for now it is a simple telling of Aimee's life.

I also participated in Kirsten Petermann's sweet memorial to all our little ones by giving her Aimee's name to be said among the many others in her Say Their Name memorial.

Now I would like to take this opportunity to thank so many of you for your prayers, support, meals, cards, flowers, listening ears, shoulders to cry on and, often times, with.  You all have been such a blessing to us.  Gifts from God to keep us strong and learn to rely more and more on Him.  He is always good and even when we may not like the road He is bringing us down, there is a sense of peace that comes with trusting Him and knowing that we will be able to see our little Aimee again someday.  I often wonder what age she will be when we meet again.

We love you Aimee and miss you everyday.

P.S.  if you would like to see a few more pictures now they can be found here (thank you Mike Weston for putting them up and giving me the idea to start our own blog, maybe you can teach me a few things).

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  1. Nicki--I'm so glad you're writing all of this out. For yourself & for Aimee. Your heart is so beautiful & I sense Jesus peace surrounding you. I will pray for continued peace as you walk through this grieving & loss of your precious little girl. I'm so thankful that you got to hold her & meet her. I rejoice in meeting my little one someday too. thank you for inviting me into this space.