Aimee's Birthday

When we saw Dr. Cook for the last time in June he was surprised that Aimee was still going so strong.  I had thought she would give up by this time, that the half of her heart that worked would decide it was just too tired to keep trying to pump blood through her ever growing body, but Aimee had other plans.

Since my belly had been measuring at 32cm since June we had been given the opportunity to induce a couple weeks early.  I had 3 times the amount of fluid a normal pregnancy would have, enough room for another baby, and although my belly was huge from all the fluid, Aimee was very small.  After a lot of prayer and discussion between Matt and I, we decided we just didn't feel right about choosing Aimee's big day (and boy are we glad we didn't).  We didn't want to get in the way of whatever God had planned for her or us.  So, we waited.

With check-ups every week now my fluid was watched closely, if I started to gain more fluid I would have to be induced because of the harm it could potentially cause me.  But I didn't.  Aimee and I stayed the same weight from the end of June until August 19th.

4AM - This feels like a contraction... no, it can't be, "God, Aimee is not due until next week please don't make me go through a whole week of false labor!"

5AM - Yep, that feels like another one.  Well, maybe I can go back to sleep.

5:30AM - Definitely not going back to sleep.

By 7:30AM I started timing the contractions and figured I should probably wake Matt up to let him know.  4 minutes apart.

I can't believe this is happening today!  As Lucy wakes up she starts singing, "Happy Birthday to Lucy! Happy birthday to Lucy!"  Yes, it is Lucy's birthday and she was very excited for her birthday smoothie Daddy had promised her.  Unfortunately, things were progressing fast and her smoothie was not going to be a great one.   How can one possibly have 2 babies, that aren't twins, born on the same day?

By 8:30 I was in an immense amount of pain, a lot more than I had been during any part of the Lucy's delivery, so off to the hospital we went.  "Please sign here." said the nurse.  Are you kidding?  I can hardly stand it hurts so bad!  Luckily, she evaluated my pain level and without me telling her I couldn't sign it she just sent me back with another nurse and let Matt sign the papers.

In my admittance check-up she told me I was already dilated to 9cm and after quickly looking at our files called in one of our doctors.  I will never forget that phone call.  She was in the hall, but I could hear everything.  In a bit of panicked voice she said, "Nicole Greene is here and dilated to a 9, whoever is on-call today needs to get here NOW!"

As the OB got there, knowing it was Lucy's birthday, she said, "I can't believe this is happening today.  It must be for a reason.  It is so rare." I pushed through only 2 contractions and Aimee was here at 10:03AM!

Aimee Isabel 3lbs 14oz
At first glance I thought she was stillborn.  There was no crying or screaming or gasping for air.  Just a tiny little baby, lying still on me.  Then I saw her head make the slightest movement and they told me that she had the faintest of heartbeats.  She was alive!  We got to hold her and kiss her and let the rest of her family meet her.

After about 2 hours her heart stopped.  She never had enough strength to open her eyes or even take a breath but she was our beautiful little girl, a reminder that life is not ours to control.  God gives and He takes away.  We don't always know why but if we trust in His plan and purpose for us we will have peace about the valleys He takes us through.

Our doctor had said that there must be a reason why she was born on the same day as her big sister.  We have figured out that after so many months of Lucy telling her she loved her and giving her kisses via my belly, Aimee was telling her big sister she loved her too.