Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thank You!

I think that one of the most difficult parts of having to say "good-bye" to someone you love is all of the decisions that go with it.  Not only are there so many that you have to think about and make but every one of them tends to be a reminder of the pain and loss all over again.  So, we delayed.  I wanted to have a nameplate picked out and in place right away but we just couldn't do it.  None of the standard stones were what I had been hoping for and trying to figure it all out was proving to be too difficult.  So we set a goal.  Our goal was to have Aimee's stone in place by her birthday.

July 2012 came quickly and Matt and I realized we still hadn't ordered it or even decided what we wanted.  So back to the cemetery (with more decisions to make) we went.  We met with a wonderful woman who told us we don't have to just stick with the standard pre-molds, there were a number of other options to put together.  We knew our goal timeline was coming close so we gave ourselves one night to think on the design we had picked out after an hour or so of looking through the book and in no time it was done and in place.  The same lady who helped us plan what we wanted also placed the stone and was so excited to call and tell us how beautiful it looked.  Just in time for her birthday!

Isn't is beautiful?  It is exactly as I had imagined and I am so happy with it.

We also really want to thank our Lifegroup family for the amazing monetary gift you gave us that actually bought it!  You are a part of this.  Thank you for all of your love and support and help.  We love you guys so much!

And so, now it is finished.  There are no more decisions to make.  No more, questions about where, what, when, how.  All is decided and done.  Except of course, when we will get to meet our beautiful Aimee face to face and know her for the amazing girl she is.  What an amazing day that will be!!  Praise the LORD!

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